Director’s Statement

At its heart, LIGHT ME UP is a story about surrendering to life – come what may – and about having the courage to continue to live our lives for love. It is a visual and sensory feast. A modern day fable told through a burst of images, sounds, textures, light and shade. Symbols. Fragments of fantasy and imagination. All stitched together in the heat of tragedy as our brave characters face their darkest moments and find the courage to reconnect and move through their grief together.

The origins of LIGHT ME UP came to me in a dream after I was diagnosed with PCOS… I was told that I would be more likely to have miscarriages than most women, I had no idea then that 1 in 5 pregnancies ended in miscarriage at the time, and that I would quite likely need IVF. I was 26 years old. Reeling, I returned home with my husband and that night dreamt I was chasing a giggling girl through a beautiful sun-drenched orchard. She was gigging and laughing, carefree and innocent as she played a simple game of chase… while I was terrified, running as fast as I could, but never quite able to catch up. With tears streaming down my face, I woke and wrote my first draft.

Since then, I have become a proud #filmmamma and #writingmamma with two beautiful boys. Yet I lived with the fear of miscarriage throughout both pregnancies. And when, only days after giving birth, my eldest son was hospitalized with a life-threatening condition, this film took on an even greater sense of urgency in my life and self expression as an artist.

It took a decade to hone my craft as a writer/director and to gather the team and resources to make this dream a reality and I am immensely proud of our work. My hope is that LIGHT ME UP makes a contribution to others by helping to open up the public dialogue about miscarriage and infant loss, and how we can better support women and their families who are going through this isolating experience.

Picture Credit: Alex Farias, 2017